Parade of Sail

Join hundreds of watercraft for this impressive display

Its time to get on your boats and head to the Itchen!

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Parade of Sail

This will be the finest display of watercraft on display in a generation on Southampton's very own River Itchen. With watercraft from in and around Southampton's waters and from across the Solent gathering between Northam and Itchen Bridges before Midday the fleet will head off led out by a Svitzer tug.

Large powered watercraft will follow before the keel boats, then dinghies and rowers. 

This will be a sight to see whether from a vessel as part of the Parade or spectating from Ocean Village, on top of the Itchen Bridge or from Weston Shore. 

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Parade Course

The Parade will officially start from the Itchen Bridge and head south towards Hamble where it will then disperse.

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PARADE OF SAIL INSTRUCTIONS Click here for pdf instructions


Take part

Whether you are in a dinghy, rib, powerboat, yacht or indutrial vessel we are keen to showcase Southampton's watercraft. 

Join the mailing list, to be kept up to date on progress, bring along friends and encourage as many other water users out into the waters. 

Large, small, sail or power - all are welcome to participate.


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Spectator points

Ocean Village

Itchen Bridge

Woolston - Centenary Quay

Weston Shore


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Your guide to the Parade of Sail - what to expect on the day

ALL BOATERS Parade of Sail Instructions Saturday 27th May 2017 12:15hrs

Important notes: Please note the Itchen Bridge has HAT 23m clearance. - First high water 12:42pm with 4.8 metres - Second high water 15:12 pm with 4.6 metres Distance between - Shamrock Quay to Ocean Village 1.2nm (approx.) - Ocean village to Hamble Point 5nm (approx.) Please respect 6kts maximum speed limit set by the Harbour Authorities. Please respect other parade participants whether under sail, power or oar. Communication VTS - VHF Channel 12 Parade Information - VHF Channel 14 Emergencies – VHF Channel 16 Starting points and meeting points Marinas on the River Itchen – If you are already a berth holder in the following marinas we recommend you stay berthed until ready to depart:
- Shamrock Quay - Kemps Quay
- Saxon Wharf - Ocean village
There will be several marshal ribs who will be marked with Yellow Southampton Sailing Week marshal flags who will lead each marina out to join the Parade. All visiting vessels from other marinas should register in advance ( and aim to be in the marinas from 11:30-12:00hrs
Participants are requested to fly to Southampton Sailing Week Burgee that is provided (collection from MDL Ocean village office and handed out from Marshall boats on the day)

Cancellation and Abort Process
We are very mindful to ensure that all participants enjoy the Parade of Sail but are also safe. We therefore recommend the following for all those who are taking part:
- Only participate if the Skipper is competent - ALL persons onboard should wear personal safety devices such as lifejackets - Vessels should not exceed their maximum numbers - Each vessel should have the necessary personal safety equipment for the number of people onboard.
Major incident - If there is a major incident on the water which requires the assistance on the coast guard and port authorities please notify the authorities on Channel 16 and state your emergency.
If the port authorities deem the incident of serious enough consequence they may choose to cancel the event and will advise on Channel 14.
Adverse Weather - We have a number of different vessels or different sizes and capabilities heading out onto the water as part of the parade. Firstly, if you do not have a competent enough Skipper or skills with the weather conditions you should not participate.
If the weather conditions are forecast to be unsuitable in advance of the event we will email all those who have registered as well as put an update on our website the night before. If conditions worsen throughout the day or before the start of the race the Harbour master will have the ultimate say to whether the event takes place or not. Please listen out to Channel 14 for updates.


12:15pm - An announcement over radio channel VHF Channel 14 will ask all River Itchen Marinas to prepare for departure. This should allow for those heading from Kemps Quay and Saxon Wharf to file in behind those exiting Shamrock at approx.

12:30. The Mayor will lead the parade from Shamrock Quay, all vessels berthing here shall follow the parade route.

12:20pm – Town Quay and ABP berths set off to meet the parade at Dock Head following marshal boat

12:25pm – The Mayor passes Ocean Village Marina, those departing this marina should depart and join the parade following the marshal boat.

12:30pm – Larger vessels meet the parade at Dock Head, please note that normal traffic will be in operation so please communicate with VTS on VHF channel 12 before crossing.

12:40pm – Parade passes Dock Head and a Svitzer Tug will now lead the parade with its fire equipment engaged - PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR OR ATTEMPT TO OVERTAKE THE WATER FLOW FROM THE TUG AS YOU WILL SINK

13:25pm – First vessels are expected at Hamble Point Cardinal, please disperse and move away from the parade until all vessels have reached this point
ALL BOATERS Parade of Sail Instructions Saturday 27th May 2017 12:15hrs

This is the first event of its kind and we are delighted you have chosen to join us for the event.
Post event:
HD Aerial photography will be available to purchase from our website taken from a helicopter and a drone.
Feedback – we would really appreciate any feedback from you post event to see what we can do to make this event bigger and better for 2018.

On arrival between Fawley Deep and Hamble Point Cardinal we ask that vessels disperse and move away from the Parade of Sail route until all vessels have gone past and it is safe to return home. Larger vessels should cross the channel after checking with VTS on Channel 12 it is safe to do so.

Smaller vessels can either head into the River Hamble or return to the home marinas once it is safe to do so. Please note there will be 3 cruise ships departing from Southampton Ocean and Mayflower Cruise Terminals on the River Test from approx. 1600 onwards.

There will be a lot of activity in both Ocean village and Hamble Point Marina for spectators and participants to get involved in so please do come and join us.

For a full list of details please visit:
ALL BOATERS Parade of Sail Instructions Saturday 27th May 2017 12:15hrs

MDL Members - there is no charge for visiting Shamrock Quay or Ocean Village prior to the Parade of Sail, but please call ahead on VHF Channel 80 to confirm your arrival and that you are part of the Parade.

For all non-MDL members, please book ahead and ensure you mention you are part of the Parade of Sail. There will be no fee for rafting up or berthing between 1100 - 1230 on Saturday 27th May for those who are participating in the Parade of Sail. This only applies to Shamrock Quay and Ocean Village Marina. If you wish to stay for up to 4 hours or the night before, please note normal visitor berthing rates will apply. Early booking is advisable.

Shamrock Quay: 023 8022 9461 | Ocean Village Marina: 023 8022 9385 |


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