Discover the new innovative international designer SACQUA.
Designed as a good value stylish large volume boat loader which triples as a flexible water resistant, flatpack, tender sack and locker space tidier! Everything you always wanted and now it’s available! If you have a boat you need a SACQUA! Take a look at the SACQUA up close.

EASY LOAD – Capacity holds 15kg
EASY CLOSE – Sticky velcro for easy seal
EASY ORGANISE – Clip feature to attach SACQUA to guard rails/ropes handy in windy weather and at sea OR attach your keys.
EASY HOLD – Shoulder and hand strap
EASY FOLD – Flexible, water resistant and lightweight SACQUA folds wafer-thin flat when empty – perfect for trips ashore in the tender or space-tight on board storage.
EASY TIDY – Use the SACQUA as your locker tidy and space saver.


Saving money and less stress for parents because SACQUA holds EVERYTHING, EASY SEALS TIGHT SHUT & CLIPS to the boat!
CHUCK  – all the wet and sandy stuff into SACQUA large volume belly -life vests, wetsuits, rigging even the dagger board of a small dinghy and lunch!
SEAL – Sticky velcro which close tightly shut for cold small fingers!
ATTACH – the SACQUA with all your child’s stuff into one SACQUA & CLIP it to your child’s dinghy at the regatta – never lose the kit again!
STRAPS – hand straps and shoulder straps so great for all ages.
In fact, SACQUA is so large and handy that’s fab for swimming, snorkelling, surfing and all sea sports!




A SACQUA is everything you need for your EASY sailing and boating – Just €20 each.

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